Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The Splendid Anomaly: a work in progress. 2018 -

The Splendid Anomaly is a solo performance that is a response to a world in crises. In conversation with a select group of experts Ahmarnya will use live storytelling, drawing, animation and sound to examine how adversity can function as an anomaly that is conducive to the growth of who we are and how we live. To re-consider how we might transform experiences of fear and trauma into healing and restorative forms, she will be investigating the brilliant and innovative ways that humans, animals and plant species have and do evolve in response to change and 'perceived' limitations.  Ahmarnya aims to disprove that it has been a case of 'the survival of the fittest' but rather 'the survival of the most creative and adaptable'. It might just be that at the heart of our evolution, if not our very survival, lies a most powerful and imperfect muse - the splendid anomaly. 
To date, The Splendid Anomaly has been developed and researched as part of Arts House's Culture Lab (Melbourne) in 2018; Battersea Arts Centre Residency (United Kingdom) in 2019; and the University of Sussex's Visiting Artist Program (United Kingdom) in 2019.  Along with her creative team Ahmarnya will return to Culture Lab in early 2021 to continue development towards the first season of the work which will be presented as part of Arts House's 2022 program. 

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