Monday, February 5, 2024

The Splendid Anomaly: Solo Performance > debuts at ARTS HOUSE in Melbourne, August 2024.

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Ahmarnya was born to a mother who, on the day she gave birth and was presented by medical staff with an extensive list of all the things her baby would never be able to do, very clearly told them to "go and get stuffed".

The Splendid Anomaly is an investigation into the ways we both limit and undermine ourselves and others through our assumptions of what is and isn't possible. It is also a response to a world in crisis and tells the story of Ahmarnya quarantined inside a specimen display box. In consultation with doctors and her mother, she writes and draws herself into and out of a world not made with her in mind. During the process, Ahmarnya discovers parallels between her own complex medical history and the earth's vast geological records and begins to examine the innovative ways that humans, animals and plant species respond to disruption and change. She starts to suspect that at the heart of our evolution, if not our survival, lies an important but imperfect ingredient - the splendid anomaly. 
Ahmarnya, in collaboration with Arts House, Susie Dee, Kelly Ryall, Rhian Hinkley, Romanie Harper and Richard Vabre have been developing this multidisciplinary solo performance since 2018. The Splendid Anomaly will debut its first season at Arts House in Melbourne from 26th – 31st August 2024. 

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